Thursday, September 01, 2005


I got this email today:



This email might come to you as a surprise but I plead with you to read
before a decision to assist or not. I wish to solicit for your
assistance in a transaction, which I strongly believe will be of mutual benefit
to all parties.

My name is Richard Dewar Regional Head of a leading Bank here in South
Africa. My colleagues and I wish to seek your assistance in transfer of
an unclaimed huge inheritance fund.

The said funds were deposited five years ago by Mr. Jonas Savimbi, the
leader of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola
(UNITA). They have been in control of a large part of Angola for more than
twenty years until Mr. Savimbi was tragically killed in combat against
the government forces in the central eastern province of Moxico in
Angola on the 22nd of February 2002.

Unfortunately, he could not live until the maturity of the fixed
deposit in our bank which was last year. He appointed his foreign partner as
the next of kin to the deposit, but after a serious research we found
out that no one is actually aware of this fund as the present government
of Angola is now confiscating any property or account belonging to Mr.
Savimbi. However if the fund is unclaimed and discovered by the Reserve
Bank of South Africa it will be donated to Dr. Nelson Mandela charity
organization, this is the reason why we need the funds transferred into
a foreign account as soon as possible.

All modalities for the successful transfer of this fund into an
offshore bank account have been put in place and we are looking for a
trustworthy foreign partner into whose bank account this fund will be remitted.
Based on this my colleagues have mandated me to provide a foreign
partner who is willing to assist us. We have agreed to compensate you upon
completion of the transaction if you should accept to assist us.

Please reach me via the above details if you are able to assist us. We
assure you that this transaction is 100% risk free as the beneficiary
is dead. For more about Mr. Savimbi please access the links below:


Richard Dewar.
Assalam  Muialaku.

OKAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Where do I sign up?  Maybe I should give you my social security number as well just in case.  Hell just to be safe why don’t I give you the account numbers of my friends and family as well, that way if it doesn’t work you can try another one!  

The scary part is people fall for this stuff.

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Andrew Gabriel Rose said...

You fell for it, man. That's actually some super-hip college student pretending to be a scammer to convince you that you've outsmarted one so that you'll feel superior, when in truth you've been duped by someone pretending to be someone dumb. or something.