Friday, March 10, 2006

Huysmans Galore

“He Felt nothing of that hunger for mortification and prayer without which, if we are to believe the majority of priests, no conversion is possible; nor did he feel any desire to invoke God whose mercy struck him as extremely problematical. At the same time the affection he still had for his old masters led him to take an interest in their works and doctrines; and the recollection of the inimitable accents of conviction, the passionate voices of those highly intelligent men made him doubt the quality and strength of his own intellect.”

“The church was the only body to have preserved the art of past centuries, the lost beauty of the ages.”

Schopenhauer: “His theory of pessimism was the great comforter of superior minds and lofty souls.”

“Nor could he forget the poetic and poignant atmosphere of Catholicism in which he had been steeped as a boy, and whose essence he had absorbed through every pore.”

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