Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Two Good Posts

on the shortcomings of legal education, and

taxation during wartime

"Politicians have chosen to fight without increasing revenue, imposing rationing, or deferring projects and activities...I happen to think that politicians are reluctant to do what needs to be done because they are more concerned about maintaining their position in office...So our national leaders have chosen to put the cost of the current war on our children and grandchildren. "

I am surprised that this idea never occurred to me. Borrowing to finance the war in Iraq is a brilliant move on Bush's part because it keeps us from feeling the true impact of the war. If, as this professor suggests, the cost of the war were taken out of the economy, it would have a drastic effect on our daily lives. If only Ghandi had known - gas rationing will stop a war faster than childish arguments about “death” and “needless suffering.” Take away people’s ability to spend their weekends buying useless shit at the mall and you may have a revolutionary situation. This might be a good strategy for the democratic party, but I doubt they would ever interfere with the American public's ability to shop.

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