Tuesday, June 29, 2004


If you see something in the media, assume that it has been deceptively altered to be more interesting:

“Serdyuk had known for a long time that most of the foreigners he encountered on the streets of Moscow were not foreigners at all, but petty trader riff-raff who’d scrabbled together a bit of cash and then tarted themselves up at the kalinka-stockman shop. The genuine foreigners who had multiplied to quite an incredible extent in recent years had been trying to dress just like the man on the street, for reasons of personal safety. Naturally enough, most of them got their idea of what the average Moscow inhabitant looked like from CNN, which in its attempts to show Musovites doggedly pursuing the phantom of democracy across the sun baked desert of reform, showed close ups of employees of the American embassy dressed as Muscovites because they looked a lot more natural than Muscovites dressed up as foreigners.”

Victor Pelevin “Moscow Dynamo”

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