Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Let's Buy Stuff!!!

The next J-Crew catalog will illustrate the errors of this misleading passage:

"You are much too exacting and hungry for this simple, easygoing and easily contented world of today. You have a dimension too many. Whoever wants to live and enjoy his life today must not be like you and me. Whoever wants music instead of noise, joy instead of pleasure, soul instead of gold, creative work instead of business, passion instead of foolery, finds no home in this trivial world of ours."

“Is it only so in our day, or was it always so?”

“I don’t know. For the honor of the world I will suppose it to be in our time only – a disease, a momentary misfortune. Our leaders strain every nerve, and with success, to get the next war going, while the rest of us dance, earn money, and eat chocolate”

Hermann Hesse - “Steppenwolf” p173

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