Monday, August 01, 2005

Kyiv Swelter

The temperaturein Kiev is exceeding 40 C. I hear that it is even worse in Italy. Its been like this all week, and just before we came here the electricity and the water were shut off in Kemlinsty. When the water finally came back on after two days, it cam out rusty all night. So we ran the water for a while, which somehow made water comeoff of the ceiling of our neighbor.

Svitlana's uncle agreed to drive us to Kiev. On the way we had to go over one of many really bad roads here and somehow his breakline broke. When we stopped the car there was a pool of brake fluid under the wheel. So I figure we'll call Svitlana's dad, have him pick us up and we'll leave later. That was not the case though, he tied a plastic bag around it and we drove all the way to Kiev via mountainous terrain and bad roads. I did not think this was possible.

I met Svitlana's cousin, who is engaged to some guy from Kentucky. She speaks english well so it was nice to have other people to talk to without an interpreter. I drank wine, cognac and beer at the same time all day and was pretty drunk, but I'm pretty sure I didn't break anything. Now we are staying in Svitlana's aunt's apartment, where there is running hot water. Only a few days left.

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