Sunday, August 14, 2005

More on Moral Decay

Like I said before, moral decay is a myth. This guy seems to think so, but he sees it as a refutation of "pesky feminists" where I see it as a refutation of "pesky right wing (and left I suppose) moralizers."

"The Historical True Crime Blog, meanwhile, has recovered a horrifying story (perhaps not for those who are already having a depressing day) about a "family annihilator" called George Hassell, who in 1920s America murdered two sets of his "nearest and dearest": a total of two women and 11 children. It's a lesson for those who like to say blame aspects of contemporary culture - like those pesky feminists - for similar crimes today."

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Andrew Gabriel Rose said...

People licked each others' assholes in Jesus' day. Like, all the time.