Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Good Article about kids using agencies to get in to schools (as the plagarist did)

New York Metro

"The schadenfreude also has a righteous tint: Just as the Duke-lacrosse-team case confirms ugly stereotypes about privileged white jocks, Kaavya Viswanathan, the only child of a brain surgeon and gynecologist, confirms the invidious stereotype of privileged meritocrats gone wild. She is a flagrant example of the hard-charging freaks that our culture grooms and prods so many of its best and brightest children to become, a case study in one sociopathology of the adolescent overclass."

Pravda is a really shitty paper, and this is a shitty article, but I liked one paragraph:

"Reflecting upon Modernity, one is compelled to consider the centuries of European monasticism, which produced so much of Europe’s intellectual heritage. Yet one marvels today at the contempt with which contemporary American society holds the monks of centuries past. Asceticism and celibacy are ridiculed by Americans. "

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Andrew Gabriel Rose said...

"Asceticism and celibacy are ridiculed by Americans."

I disagree with this statement for one reason:
In order for these things to be ridiculed by Americans, Americans would first have to think about them.