Wednesday, February 01, 2006

New Apartment

I’ve been in the new apartment for 24 hours.  So far everything is good.  The only discrepancy was one of the landlord’s agents barging in during the middle of the day to show the apartment to someone (I guess because it is similar to the others).  That is something I take very seriously.  The whole point of me moving was to not have people barging in on me.  I wonder what would have happened if I had asked for the provision that allows a landlord to come in at any time to be taken out of the lease.  It probably would have been the first time someone actually tried to negotiate with them, and I imagine they would have promptly told me to get lost.  Anyway, putting a bolt on the door will fix this problem.

Anyway, pictures are here.


Andrew Gabriel Rose said...

Don't you get 24 hours notice? That's been standard, in my experience. That way you have time to rub your nuts on the doorknob so your ball-essence gets on the guy. (Sincerely, I've never done that)

P.S. Happy loud humping

Andrew Gabriel Rose said...

How's your portiere? Any photos of it?