Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Stay in School

There are moments when I truly comprehend the fact that I am still in school despite being almost 24 years old. It is at these moments when I realize no matter what experiences I have or how intelligent I am, I am still a child to some extent. I had one of these moments this morning. I think the way one of the rooms in my school is built just invites people to hit your chair with their foot, causing a little vibration that is really annoying. Maybe it annoys me more than most, but it reminded me of the time I was seventh grade and a kid who was sitting behind me, we’ll call him “Mike A.” - was kicking my chair rather violently and I turned around and asked him in as nice a way possible to please stop. He told me to “shut up” and I did because I did not want to get my head beat in, and I sat there and suffered through his now intensified chair kicking.

If you would have told me back then that 11 years later I would be sitting in a classroom still getting my chair kicked it would be a depressing thought. At least now there is (probably) no chance of getting my head beat in after school and I can fuck around on my laptop during class.

Other moments include being told not to bring open containers into the library during a library orientation. I don’t ever want to go on another library orientation in my life, let alone be told sternly not bring open containers in the library. I’m tired of it.

I have to say though, in many ways Law School is devoid of most of the annoying characteristics of schools and students in general, but it also makes those pre-law school things stand out even more. A good example is student government. I don’t want to be embarrassed for the people who run for student office anymore.

I’ll put more up when I think of them.

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